• Roadtrip 2014

    “Roundabout” by N&J.

    Sedona, Arizona (Oct 01/14)  –  “The roundabout capital of the world!” Yes, other than the celestial red rock of Arizona, they certainly love those ‘roundabouts’ (you know, those traffic circles???). They are everywhere. Very likeable. It keeps the traffic flow constant and therefore no ‘idling’. click on pic to enlarge – right/left arrow to scroll thru the gallery The visit to Flagstaff was pleasantly surprising. Who would have thought Arizona would be so lush with trees & greenery. The town itself is really artsy, lots of neat shops, restaurants, and cafes. The drive into Sedona, AZ has to be one of the ‘top drives in the world’. Twist & turns…

  • WJ News

    “Our 2 Minutes of Fame” by N&J.

    Vancouver, BC (Aug 16/14)  –  What do they say about having your ’15 minutes of fame’? …well this should only take you 2 minutes to read. N was contacted a short while back from a chap who writes for the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) wanting to do a story on Westfalia camper vans, the people who live the life, what it all means. Check out the story at this link to learn more about the ‘van’ N&J love to call home. http://www.bbc.com/autos/story/20140813-dont-call-it-hippie-van *** BBC link currently broken, attempting to update ***

  • WJ News

    Introducing….Mr. Hobbes by N&J.

    Vancouver, BC (Jan 2014)  –  Or simply HOBBES as N&J call him. After the disasterous (almost annihilating) event last November, when a UPS truck blew a stop sign, crossed Hwy 10, across their path that resulted in the tragic loss of their precious EMILY (N’s Mom’s dog) and the destruction of N’s beloved GIZMO…. they are excited to announce the ‘new’ addition to the family. click on pic to enlarge – right/left arrow to scroll thru the gallery He is a beauty!!! After a long search looking for just the right Westfalia that would be a tribute to GIZMO (who sacrificed his life for N&J). Found HOBBES lounging in Portland…

  • Celebration

    “An Engaging Topic” by N&J.

    Vancouver, BC (Dec 25/13)  –  As N&J look back on their ‘epic’ journey across the western part of the US & Canada… traveling the open road, landscape passing before them, excitement at every turn, connections along the way, not wanting their journey to end…  little did N&J realize that the time shared would be so profound. click on pic to enlarge – right/left arrow to scroll thru the gallery Sharing a lot of time together in close quarters for almost two & half months… much to most of our reader’s amazement, they traveled this journey as ‘just friends’. “What… nothing happened?, not even a little bit?”.  Nope.  Nothing.  Nada.  Well,…

  • Roadtrip 2013

    ”The Princess Journal” by J ‘all about’ N.

    Crow Creek Indian Reserve, SD (Oct 13/13)  –  Princess???  N??? Yes she is definitely a ‘Princess’ in J’s book. Considering the zany, crazy antics that you have previously read about, what has transpired since (there is more? how can that be??? Believe it!!!). Never a dull moment in the Gizmo household. NEVER. Yeah there has been the teeth brushing incident (wow that really broke your last distance record); the pee-pot moments (seems like forever waiting outside the door in sub-zero weather, cookie-monster pyjamas notwithstanding), bathing/washing dishes (same place, not at the same time)… click on pic to enlarge – right/left arrow to scroll thru the gallery Not sure what sport…

  • Roadtrip 2013

    “We Are the Eggman!” by N&J

    Eugene, OR (aug 22/13)  –  The reality of this journey is taking shape as N&J head off into the unknown, curiosity and excitement keeps the focus on the road ahead. The I-5 to Eugene is pretty uneventful other than the dusty billowing clouds emanating from the busy farmers bringing in their crops. Upon seeing this N&J look at each other in astonishment realizing that they will be living in those dust clouds once on the playa at Burning Man (BM)… “What have they done”?!  A good laugh about this and they carry on. The day getting sticky and hot, N&J find a private spot along the Willamette River to take a…

  • Roadtrip 2013

    “Last Minute” by N&J

    Vancouver, BC (aug 19/13)  –  Last minute prep today. Gizmo (N’s Westfalia camper van) is the chosen one to start off on this journey. He (he is a guy? right N?) has been poked & prodded, cleaned & polished, de-cluttered & re-cluttered (is that a word?). Today last chance adjustments to ensure all the bases covered. Anything forgotten will have to obtained once on the road, no turning back. Anything extra will be jettisoned to make room. Fire up the fridge, get it cold, load it up. Mount the bikes, lock ’em up. Place the luggage carrier in that ‘only found on a Westfalia’ luggage area (the depression above the…

  • Roadtrip 2013

    “Getting Ready” by N&J

    Vancouver, BC (aug 13/13)  –  The journey N&J are about to embark on is no small feat when you consider the task of readying two VW Westfalia van’s for the ‘road trip’. Yes only taking one van on the trip, but irregardless both must be ready in case the ‘odd van out’ is chosen in a last minute decision to take the leading role. Everything must be checked… twice. Fridges (nothing sucks more than luke-warm beer), stoves, batteries, engines, tires, water tanks, camp gear, dishes, cookery, etc… it is a long list, but must be done. Packing & cleaning both vans (although only taking one) can be a long drawn…