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Introducing….Mr. Hobbes by N&J.

Vancouver, BC (Jan 2014)  –  Or simply HOBBES as N&J call him. After the disasterous (almost annihilating) event last November, when a UPS truck blew a stop sign, crossed Hwy 10, across their path that resulted in the tragic loss of their precious EMILY (N’s Mom’s dog) and the destruction of N’s beloved GIZMO…. they are excited to announce the ‘new’ addition to the family.

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He is a beauty!!! After a long search looking for just the right Westfalia that would be a tribute to GIZMO (who sacrificed his life for N&J). Found HOBBES lounging in Portland (at A&P Specialties). Originally from California, he made his way to Oregon. After some modifications to suit their needs, HOBBES… was reborn to start a new life in Vancouver.

N&J are totally stoked !!! …Can’t wait to hit the road again.

UPDATE:  (jul 28/14) – J’s beloved ‘Westy’ has been sold to a very nice family in Vancouver, who promised to provide a loving home for this very special ’83 Westfalia. After being part of this family for over a decade, she will be missed.


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