“An Engaging Topic” by N&J.

Vancouver, BC (Dec 25/13)  –  As N&J look back on their ‘epic’ journey across the western part of the US & Canada… traveling the open road, landscape passing before them, excitement at every turn, connections along the way, not wanting their journey to end…  little did N&J realize that the time shared would be so profound.

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Sharing a lot of time together in close quarters for almost two & half months… much to most of our reader’s amazement, they traveled this journey as ‘just friends’.

“What… nothing happened?, not even a little bit?”.  Nope.  Nothing.  Nada.  Well, OK …   J stole a kiss on a couple of occasions… N shot J down royally (J has the bullet holes to prove it). But they shared the experience nevertheless together, very close. Minimalistic space with privacy being a scarce commodity… quirks, habits, and true personality shines through. No hiding, no escape. Could they survive? How would their feelings for one another evolve? What would happen upon their return to ‘real life’?

Upon their arrival back in town; J returning to his condo in Vancouver; N staying at her brother’s place in South Surrey, preparing to resume ‘normal’ life in the city. Re-connecting with family and friends and getting back into a routine, but planning more travel, more journeys in the Westfalia camper van… but, other dramatic changes were taking place. Only a few days would pass… both trying to convince themselves that the transition would be easy but soon realizing that there was a deep longing, an open space in the heart, a yearning. A simple text from N to J… “I Miss You” and J was on his way to Surrey to see N.  Visiting now with family and preparing for ‘trick or treating’ later that evening… happy just to see one another, they were ecstatic.

N’s sister in law preparing dinner, needed some tin foil, N&J offer to go out to the van to look for some.  A moment alone, the energy high, their faces beaming, N reaches out to J and gently takes his hand in hers, their eyes meet and J knows.  They embraced passionately and return to the house hand in hand. No one around N&J was surprised, except for them.

Fast track to the present. N&J now very much a couple, continuing the close relationship… even closer now!!! Attracting good energy and feeling positive support from others, they now plan for future journeys as a couple. On the hunt for a replacement for Gizmo (now written off after the accident), N&J decide it would be better if they bought a Westfalia between them, one to share.

Completely in love, and best friends too…. while out for a nice, quiet dinner and a stroll in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood… on Dec 10th… J popped the question (you know the question).  N said… YES!!! The happiest day of their lives (so far), they are now walking it together with one another.

Wishing all of N&J’s friends & family a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year !!!

“About the Ring”

Haida Eagle Gold, Silver and Abalone Band
by Carmen Goertzen, Haida Native Artist

The Eagle

The Native Symbol or Totem Eagle is known as “The master of skies” and is a symbol of great significance. He is believed to be the creature with the closest relationship with the creator. By soaring great heights, he can travel between the physical world and the spiritual world. He is said to be a messenger to the creator. Unlike the raven’s ability to send messages down, the eagle sends messages and prayers to the Creator. If an Eagle was seen during a Prayer session it was a sign of having a prayer accepted If a prayer needed immediate attention from the creator an eagle feather would be held up towards the sky. Although every part of the eagle has separate and significant meanings, the Eagle as a whole signifies focus, great strength, peace, leadership and incredible prestige. The wings of an eagle symbolize the balance and co-dependency between females and males, and how each gender must work unitedly in order to achieve harmonious results. The eagle feather plays a substantial part in religious and shamanic practices and ceremonies. The feathers were only allowed to be worn by people who had earned the privilege. For example warriors that had done extremely well in battles would have a feather rewarded to them. The eagle feather transmits strength; it gives the ability to speak honestly from the heart, without hurt or anger. The middle vane in the feather symbolizes the path that every man walks in their life time, and every barb that comes of the middle vane symbolizes the choices we all have in life, and that every choice we make is attached to the middle or main path that we take. Eagle down is scattered in entrances as a friendly welcome when people of great importance come and it is also often used in dances. Besides being a member of many different clans, every descendant from the Northwest Coast First Nations belongs to either a Raven or Eagle Clan. The membership is always defined by which clan the individuals mother belonged to.


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