Gear Guide

The following is a collection of ‘useful stuff’ N&J utilize in their travels…


‘Dog Days of Summer’ – No more worrying about your beverages or food spoiling on super hot days, or how long will the ice last??? This fridge/freezer can handle everything from just perfect ‘cold’ to ‘deep freeze’.

N&J have used this ARB Fridge-Freezer* with great success to supplement the onboard fridge found in their Westfalia, permitting them to bring along frozen and/or fresh foods to increase their back country travel time. Very low amperage draw on 12 volt (1.8 amps average power use), works great with their solar powered battery system, enabling extended camping off-grid.

Too hot in the back of your Westfalia? …a Sleeping Dilemma – Poor ventilation in the rear of a Westfalia has always created a ‘heated situation’ & leaving the rear door open (w/screen) in ‘Bear Country’ was not a great option… until now.

The CLAYMOR3 V600+* rechargeable USB fan is the perfect solution, positioned by the driver-side sliding window on it’s convenient tripod, direct the cooler ‘fresh’ air towards the back… instant relief!!! 4 speeds, 1-4 hour timer (or leave on continuous), 8-32 hours battery depending on the speed selected (we find the low speed is quiet & is more than adequate). Comes with storage case.


Light, Compact & Comfortable – The NiceC Ultralight High Back Folding Camping Chair* considering their relatively low price have turned out to be the perfect camp chair. Easy to setup, extremely lightweight so use at camp or taking to the park is a breeze. Very comfortable, the tall back affords the ability to recline your head back, and you don’t feel like your sitting ‘in a bucket’.

The NiceC Ultralight Folding Camp Table* is great match for the chairs, not too high, light & packs easily.

Glamping at it’s Best – Whenever N&J plan an extended stay at the beach or campground, they always bring along their NiceC Camping Cots* to add that extra bit of comfort. Whether it be sleeping or just relaxing, this luxurious cot does the job. Perfect for star-gazing too!!!

Fits nicely inside a tent or under a shady tree. Folds neatly into it’s compact bag for transporting …also great at home when extra guest arrive.


Don’t Leave Home Without It !!! – Traveling off-road means being off-grid, no cell service… in the event of an emergency or a vehicle breakdown you are ‘on your own’. But with the GARMIN InReach Mini* satellite communicator you always able to reach out to emergency services, family or whatever you might need.

This device can communicate to Garmin’s 24 Hour Response Centre, or you can even text to friends or family using this handheld (or use the Garmin Earthmate app on you cell phone to type in your text message easily). N&J have used the Garmin to obtain assistance for fellow travelers broken down on the road; or called emergency services when an accident on the route is discovered in an off-grid area.

Peace of mind on the road or trail… no matter where you are on the globe.

“10-4 Good Buddy” – Whether it be walking around the campsite, out fishing on the lake, on a trail or traveling with another Westfalia (or others, we’re not that picky!)… these rechargeable Motorola 2 way Radios* keep everyone in contact & informed.

On the road they are especially helpful in communicating useful info of the road ahead (black bear on the right) without the need to be constantly stopping to chat. Good range, usually a few kms in the mountains, even better on the flats. “Over & Out”.

Total Camp Comfort – As you can plainly see, N loves her Selk’Bag Nomad wearable sleeping bag. It provides her with absolute comfort in the harshest of camping conditions, no longer feel the discomfort of cold or dampness… whatever Mother Nature may bring on. Check it out at Selk’Bag.


I Can See Clearly Now – Whenever camping, hiking or searching for that outhouse in the darkness, good functional lighting is a must. N&J have two of the CLAYMOR3 Heady+* headlamps in their lighting stable, comfortable to wear & easy to control while on your noggin’.

This light has multiple types of light (spot, flood, diffused) available in warm/cool/daylight, controllable brightness & USB chargeable.

The Perfect Light for the Campsite! – No more messy fuel, no broken glass globes, no need to constantly replacing the mantle… this ain’t your Grandpa’s Coleman Lantern.

The CLAYMOR3 Selene rechargeable USB lantern does so much more: 4 different types of light (from candle luminescence to bright white), flicker ‘candle’ effect, adjustable brightness, long battery life & recharge your USB devices too!!! A protective case also available for storing securely in your camper. Available at BIGTENT OUTDOORS.

Fantastic Camp Work Light – The CLAYMOR3 [Ultra 2.3.0]* Camp Work Light: A great addition to our camp setup, whether that be over the outdoor camp kitchen, inside the tent or under the Vanagon while doing on-the-road repairs (or should we say adjustments).

This unit offers 3 types of light (warm/cool/combo), infinite adjustment of lumens, a very useful hook for hanging, USB charging & also acts as a USB battery pack for charging all of our devices.


BRMB Backroad Maps – Always a constant presence in N&J’s travel kit. Previously a ‘dog eared’ copy was always in reach to check our geo status, now to avoid carrying excess gear in a limited space vehicle, we use ‘digital’ PDF version of the mapbooks (6 books for British Columbia + Canadian Rockies) on our iPad, no cellular required, they work anywhere… on or off grid.

Since converting Hobbes to 4×4, venturing into the hinterland is not a mystery with BRMB on hand. These backroad guides provide enormous amounts of detailed information on any road, rivers, lakes, etc… you can travel with confidence knowing your route anywhere in Canada.

Available at BRMB Backroad Mapbooks.


“Come Fly With Me” – Some of the aerial pics/video seen on WestfaliaJournal’s YouTube page are possible using a DJI Mavic Mini* drone. This amazing piece of technical wonder can create ‘film quality’ videos & pics, that previously required the use of a helicopter (and a film crew).

Incredible image quality (12MP), HD quality video (2.7K), lightweight & great range (up to 10kms)… and a 30 minute battery capacity.

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