Roadtrip 2013

“Last Minute” by N&J

Vancouver, BC (aug 19/13)  –  Last minute prep today. Gizmo (N’s Westfalia camper van) is the chosen one to start off on this journey. He (he is a guy? right N?) has been poked & prodded, cleaned & polished, de-cluttered & re-cluttered (is that a word?). Today last chance adjustments to ensure all the bases covered. Anything forgotten will have to obtained once on the road, no turning back. Anything extra will be jettisoned to make room. Fire up the fridge, get it cold, load it up. Mount the bikes, lock ’em up. Place the luggage carrier in that ‘only found on a Westfalia’ luggage area (the depression above the driver/passenger compartment… on the roof; great place to transport BBQ, propane tank, extra stuff not required on a regular basis. Bring aboard all the personal stuff, the ‘carry-on’ bag (yes even in the world of Westfalia you are limited to what you can bring aboard; only thing is that there ain’t no luggage hold). Stow away stuff that won’t be used until later in the journey. Ensure N&J have their travel docs… “Where is my passport ????”.

Tomorrow it begins… feel like a kid on Christmas Eve, the anticipation is everywhere.


  • Debbie

    Dont worry J, if the van breaks down, I’ll send Wendy and Rob down with the other one!! (need to send both for driver trade off…and Wendy can be Robs eyes and he can tell her where to go!! ) lol. Drive Safe! xoxo

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