Roadtrip 2013

”The Princess Journal” by J ‘all about’ N.

Crow Creek Indian Reserve, SD (Oct 13/13)  –  Princess???  N??? Yes she is definitely a ‘Princess’ in J’s book. Considering the zany, crazy antics that you have previously read about, what has transpired since (there is more? how can that be??? Believe it!!!). Never a dull moment in the Gizmo household. NEVER. Yeah there has been the teeth brushing incident (wow that really broke your last distance record); the pee-pot moments (seems like forever waiting outside the door in sub-zero weather, cookie-monster pyjamas notwithstanding), bathing/washing dishes (same place, not at the same time)…

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Not sure what sport drink to buy at the supermarket? What is this flavour? …heck just pop the top & try it out. “I’m thirsty, should we get a big jug of ice tea?” Before J could answer N grabs it out of the store cooler, pops the lid, 2 giant gulps and passes it to J, “Here, what do you think”, all the while shoppers around us are ‘catching flies’ with their gaping mouths (OK she hasn’t put any back on the shelf… yet); “Will these pants or top fit me?”… no need for a dressing room when the aisle way will do just fine; while you’re at it do a couple of pirouettes for the shoppers, “are you OK J, or is your face always that red?”;  blowing giant bubble gum ‘bubbles’ while driving… did you know she can blow multiple-bubbles within bubbles, and navigate cross 3 lanes off the interstate without incident”.

Then there are the ‘personal’ hygiene moments. After a long hard day working the Habitat project, feet tend to get kind of ‘jazzy’ being inside those work boots all day… you know ‘odourous’ (is that a word?). N sniffing the air, “OK who’s feet stink?” I didn’t realize a grown adult could actually smell their own feet ‘up close’ (unless you were some prepubescent Romanian gymnast);  And the ‘freshen up for dinner’ procedure, grab some ‘baby wipes’ (still have a HUGE box left over from Burning Man), wipe down the face, the neck, the arms, the pits… the private bits, “HEY!!! I’m sitting here in front of you while you are doing whatever your doing under your clothes”… not much left for this boy’s imagination.

Oh and before it’s ‘forgotten’… It is very hard to lose anything in a Westfalia camper van, after all it is only a 6 x 12 space… but never say never.  N has this thing about losing stuff, misplacing things. “Where is my <fill in the blank>” is the common query in Gizmo…. keys, wallet, purse, passport, jacket, coffee mug, toothbrush, hairbrush, cellphone, boots (ok J was responsible for that), t-shirt, underwear… it has all gone ‘missing’, many <sigh> times. “My wallet has been stolen!!!” …at least until J finds it. As requested J now keep tabs on those items… well maybe not everything!!!

And then there are the pranks N pulls on J …in public. While browsing the store’s book section, N was looking at a book on ‘cats’. Calls J over to see the pics, gorgeous cat pics…. then breaks down crying LOUDLY, proclaiming “I Just Love Cats !!!!”.  Completely dumfounded, what does J do??? He tries his best to console her, then she looks at J with an apparent red face and turns the tears into a gut wrenching hysterical laugh…. got fooled again!!!!

Oh yeah N is a ‘Princess’ …BIG TIME!!! She brings a smile to J’s face, a chuckle, warms his heart. Can brighten any day no matter how gloomy it appears. The proverbial ‘breath of fresh air’. Not a ‘Princess’ in the derogatory meaning.

She is a real ‘Princess’ …and J is all the richer for it.


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