About the Banner

The 3 Westfalia vans that scroll across the top of the page are part of the Westfalia Journal family…

“GIZMO” the blue van, was N’s 1987 VW Westfalia since 2009 that was used in N&J’s initial roadtrip in 2013. Destroyed in an accident after returning home from that roadtrip. Photo taken on the road into Burning Man.

“WESTY” the white van, was J’s 1983 VW Westfalia since 2001, was adopted in mid 2014 by a very nice family. Photo taken in Gran Morne Provincial Park in Newfoundland overlooking the Strait of St.Lawrence on an earlier trip in 2010 by J.

“HOBBES” the red van is a 1988 VW Westfalia that N&J have embraced since early 2014. Photo taken on the shores of Lake Superior in Ontario.