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What started as a casual discussion between two participants at a VW Meetup camp-out about the benefits & joy of traveling in VW Westfalia camper vans… eventually ended up being the genus of an idea to travel together in a Westfalia, share the experience, the expenses & the sheer fun of exploration. N had aspirations to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and had planned to go in the fall. While J on the other hand was looking for a new adventure, direction, and spontaneity. As fate would have it, J would be offered tickets to ‘Burning Man’ and upon telling N, the adventure quickly took root. The very ‘loose’ plan was to attend BM and then carry on to the Habitat project in South Dakota with many stops and adventures along the way..

N&J have one thing very much in common…. they both own VW Westfalia camper vans (N has ‘Gizmo’ a blue 1987; J has ‘Westy’ a white 1983). Both have retired early from their careers, have the financial freedom, no baggage!!!…. can pack up their belongings,  jump into the VW and hit the road.

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Which Westfalia goes?  Which van stays home? That decision can be the hardest part of the journey. No one wants to leave their VW behind. But no use in driving two vans. Where is the joy in traveling separated?  The ability to discuss the journey together is the real beauty of sharing the road in one vehicle… also easier on the pocketbook.

Where are we going?  Wherever the VW wheels are pointed. Destination relatively unknown until we get there…. enjoy the trip!!!

UPDATE ONE: A lot has changed for N&J since returning from their ‘epic’ trip. As regular readers now know, their future is certainly exciting. The short answer is N&J now own a ’88 Westfalia (Hobbes) together…  Introducing Mr. Hobbes

UPDATE TWO: The journey never ends… N&J tied the knot in June 2014. Their life on the road takes on a whole new meaning… Tied & Knotted

UPDATE THREE: A new member to the team has joined N&J on the road, please welcome JESSE… A New King in Town


  • Bruce

    Hi J
    This is Bruce. Love the blog. I’m not sure if you remember me or my wife Cindy. We met at the summer solstice camp out at Salmon Arm last year. You what he told it for me as I recall for a very nice price…. We are planning on traveling to this years summer solstice campout and heard you will be there… My question … We may be looking for a campground to stay at in Vancouver proper on Thursday…. Before heading to Ross Lake… I understand that you and N are getting married, congratulations!… We will be looking forward to seeing you at Ross Lake, if not sooner

    • Westfalia Journal

      Hey Bruce & Cindy… Yes absolutely remember you both. N & I met at that Solstice campout, we are getting married exactly 1 year after that meeting. We would would love to see you both at Ross Lake (it is a great place to spend a summer).

      Camping in the City of Vancouver is difficult for most RV’ers… unless you own a Westfalia. There are RV parks on the outskirts (West Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Langley). Otherwise just pick a side street a block away from the beach (watch for ‘no parking’ signs). Don’t pop the roof and you won’t be noticed.

  • RJ

    Loved the burning man stories!!…you guys are such a great couple. 🙂 Safe journey. Hope to cross paths again. RJ

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