Roadtrip 2013

“Getting Ready” by N&J

Vancouver, BC (aug 13/13)  –  The journey N&J are about to embark on is no small feat when you consider the task of readying two VW Westfalia van’s for the ‘road trip’. Yes only taking one van on the trip, but irregardless both must be ready in case the ‘odd van out’ is chosen in a last minute decision to take the leading role. Everything must be checked… twice. Fridges (nothing sucks more than luke-warm beer), stoves, batteries, engines, tires, water tanks, camp gear, dishes, cookery, etc… it is a long list, but must be done. Packing & cleaning both vans (although only taking one) can be a long drawn out episode, in case the ‘backup van’ will be pressed into service somewhere along the journey.  Can’t take everything. But need to take exactly what we need, nothing more, nothing less. Choosing clothing for the trip is important. It may be blazing hot during the day; freezing that very night. Sleeping bags, blankets, pillows (“how many pillows are you bringing???”); all need to be carefully chosen if they intend on being comfortable.

No matter what happens, the vans must be completely & totally ready for whatever is encountered enroute… every nook & cranny will be utilized. But most importantly N&J must ensure their living space is free & clear… before venturing out on that beckoning road.


  • anna

    N….I am SO, SO, SO happy for you!!!!!! We met at Cheri and Trevor’s wedding last year – do you remember? We had so many great conversations. I remember meeting J as he fixed something on you dash (power lighter?). You had wanted to meet a man, do a road-trip, volunteer for humanity……you’ve done it ALL!!!!! I’m just reading thru your fantastic blog now…..loving it!!!! I got this blog sent via Carol (the “Toaster” van) but I’d love to get a hold of you…….I hear you’re gettting hitched on solstice w’end….the anniversary of the w’end you two met…….. WHERE is the campground you’re marrying at? So, so happy for you!!! You had a rough 4 years prior to all of this……you deserve the best!!!!!
    Anna (“Maxine”)

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