“Emily” by N&J.

Vancouver, BC (Nov 29/13)  –  It is incredible to think of the endless possibilities of chance that dot our lives along the ‘road of life’. During their 15,000 km journey N&J amazingly had ‘lady luck’ or ‘good karma’ following wherever they went. Yes, a few mechanical problems cropped up from time to time, nothing insurmountable, never jeopardizing our safety & security. Always careful when on the road, both keeping watch for hazards or errant drivers.

Yesterday ‘life’ was altered, never to be the same.

Traveling eastbound on Hwy 10 in Delta, British Columbia while enroute to a family event in Surrey a wall of brown steel suddenly appeared coming from the left. The impact before them, N had just a split second to yell out “J. hold on!!”. The speed at which ‘metal met metal’ and the seemingly stoppage of time, frame by frame can see everything happening in slow motion.   A second impact occurs as they hit ‘head on’ into a power pole. Fear and panic set in as we realize what has just happened….

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While driving on a small side road a UPS delivery truck failed to notice their presence on the main highway. Even though Gizmo is pretty large and well lit even during the day (special LED lights were installed before their initial trip; very bright, white lights that are hard to miss), the large brown Sprinter delivery truck seemingly missed the stop sign and sped across their path. There was little chance for N to reduce Gizmo’s velocity (under the posted limit) before striking the Sprinter van in the back half of it’s passenger side. The force of the collision spun the UPS truck around causing it to flip, it slid backwards for 15-20 feet on the driver side. The intertia of Gizmo propelled it head-on into a large power pole at the corner, splintering & fracturing the pole from the immense collision. Fortunately N&J were both wearing their seatbelts; fortunately the VW Vanagon Westfalia is built very strong for this type of collision… with only bruises and significant pain from the soft tissue injuries, Gizmo (and the seat belts) saved N&J from certain serious injury.


The beloved Miss Emily, along for the outing was a bundle of spunk and attitude… she was so happy to be with N&J. Enjoying the beautiful day, the playing in the dirt, the running in the grass, being able to sit up front seeing out the window, tongue panting with excitement… a moment shifts in an instant, in a direction no one will be able to grasp.

Yesterday this ‘beautiful little being’ lost her life so quickly.  The force of this reality breaks the spirit and causes so much anguish.  If only could re-step the day, if only could hear her little steps again, if only…

The next journey was set & ready to start: a trip to Maui, to travel the Hawaiian Islands in a rented Westfalia camper van… but this will have to wait.

Emily has had a profound effect on our lives and in honouring her and allowing time to heal, we will be taking a break from the blog for now… N&J 😢


  • Lindy

    So terribly sad that dear adorable Emily is no longer with us. From your words…her life was full of love and dog-fun for all the adventures she was to share with you two in the last month; and she was a blessing to all who knew her sweetness. I feel so lucky to have met her on your trip to the island. Thankfully her humans were not too badly injured and Emily is free to play in heaven and every so often will be looking in on those four dear humans who loved her so much: her mom and dad and her aunt and uncle…RIP Emily.

  • Val

    oh my gosh how scary for you. Glad you’re not seriously injured and very sorry for the loss of your pet.

    val & don

    PS we have enjoyed your blogs on your trip – so interesting.

  • Dan

    so hard to find the right thing to say… probably is no right thing to say… I has just checked the web cam in Sturgis and saw the snow , thinking that it was good that you guys were back home again then I checked your blog. 🙁 We never know what the next day will bring so we must take joy in the good things that come our way and yet remember that all things good or bad have an expiry date that is beyond our control whether we like it or not. Take care. heal. continue on the journey of life…

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