“See Cruise” by N&J.

Vancouver, BC (Nov 21/13)  –  Itchy feet, ants in their pants… call it what you like, but N&J really needed to get away from the big city (yeah have only been back a couple weeks). So pack up Emily (N’s mom’s dog), revved up the newly rejuvenated Gizmo and took a ferry for Vancouver Island to visit N’s aunts. The Giz, after doing 15,000 km needed some extra care & attention; seems like a rock smashed the fuel expansion tank located in the passenger wheel well allowing water & debris to pollute the tank and clog the gas filter. Problem resolved, Gizmo has lots of get up and go now!!!

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Little Miss Emily (you remember her from the previous post), really enjoyed the adventure, she was a changed ‘dog’… no longer Queen of the condo, she became an active participant, sharing the view from the front seat, seemingly enjoying the outing… almost “normal”. No longer ‘miss aloof’, Emily could be petted, and loved adoringly. Playing with a stick and scruffing up the dirt, Em’s was in her glory.  At night she snuggled contently between N&J gathering warmth.

Meeting the relatives went over very well according to J, welcomed royally by all concerned. Felt like royalty too, a fab dinner every night, the special treatment no matter where N&J went… although were offered gracious ‘indoor’ sleeping quarters throughout the visit, opted (Emily too !!!) to stay in Gizmo. Plugged in, the heater kept all warm, and the fridge cold. Visiting Victoria & the southern part of the island is always a treat.

Next stop on the intinerary was a visit to Mayne Island in the Gulf Islands. N’s long time friend Jennifer is building a Cobb house, volunteered to help with the continuing construction.

Quite a project it is. The strenuous job of mixing clay, sand, straw & water to create what is known as ‘seals’ (yes they look like seals on a beach). These seals are then used to create very solid walls (12-18” thick). Once dry they are very strong and formidable. The roof structure is made using timber supports with the traditional wood rafters. The weather on the first day was grand, very sunny, welcoming & warm. The next day was typical for this time of the year…. extremely wet & cold. Gizmo again was the support structure providing a warm place to eat & sleep. Life on the island is slow & idyllic. Very quiet, very welcoming by the residents, always waving as you drive by, always a pleasant greeting in the shops. Lunch was usually a delectable sandwich or hot soup, custom-made to order, organic and scrumptious from the local deli. The slow pace of life on Mayne is habit-forming, once you have it a few times, it is hard to let go.

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