Roadtrip 2013

“Rescued!!! UPDATE #2” by N&J.

Gregory, South Dakota (Oct 12/13)  –  Visited Daisy (aka ‘Ears’) and her family of new-born pups at the Rescues Unlimited facility in Gregory, SD.  Marie and Dale currently have a total of 31 dogs that they have rescued. Their house, lives, finances, time and energy are dedicated to the rescue. Their animals have been mended back to health after a dismal start; broken limbs, amputations, damaged eyes, etc…

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Daisy within a mere 3 weeks after giving birth to 9 puppies (yes count em’, previously it was thought there was 8… she snuck an extra pup into the mix) looks totally healthier and happier, no more open sores on her ears & legs, her coat is coming back nicely! Nine little ones to look after, in a safe environment she is an attentive and loving mother. Daisy appeared happy to see N&J and was very comfortable with us picking up her puppies. Soft and fluffy with eyes still closed we cuddled the little bundles that fit into our hand. Cute little pink pads on their feet and button noses… they are perfect. It is a wonderful feeling to know that 10 lives have been changed and to be a part of that is very gratifying.

Donations to Rescues Unlimited by WJ readers is now at $200… Thanks for those generous gifts. This money will go toward the continuing care of Daisy & the pups until their eventual adoption.


  • Mom

    Never seen anything so precious as Daisy with her babies. How beautiful. And if it wasn’t for you both getting involved this miracles would not have happened.

  • Lindy

    Thank you N and J for the update on dear Daisy. She doesn’t even look like the same dog! Wow she has come a long way and thanks to you guys for helping her. Just looking at her eyes you can tell she loves you! She is just so beautiful with her adorable pups. You must feel quite attached to her…I think you are going to miss her. XXX

  • Wendy

    J daisy’s story is wonderful. Thanks to you and N..Did you adopt one of the puppies..How long will you be staying at the reserve and where will you be heading for your next adventure..Your blog is so exciting..Can’t wait to read about your next adventure..FYI, the home front is still quiet..Did you have turkey for thanksgiving ? D had her entire family over for dinner..What a houseful ! Take care and stay safe..Love W

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