Roadtrip 2013

“Outdoor Playground” by N&J

Moab, UT (Sep 6-8/13) –  After leaving Salt Lake City UT, and a 5 hour drive N&J came down into the red rock canyon of Moab UT.  Absolutely stunning, over the top beautiful, they have found a little piece of heaven! Finding a campsite along the Colorado River they are able to take a dip in the very reddish/muddy water. J decides the clay must have healing properties and decides to spread it all over himself.

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Despite the colour of the water it was inviting and refreshing due to the scorching 38 degree celsius under the sunshine. Barbecued chicken, potato salad, lettuce and you guessed it… cold beer!!! Their bellies satisfied and a great sleep in the wilderness under the stars, geared up for the next day’s exploration.

Arches Canyon National Park was the first destination to explore. Like being on Mars, the spires, arches, and petrified sand dunes feel foreign, yet mesmerizing. They pulled you in. Spent the day hiking and photographing everything in sight.

While collecting water from a natural spring, meet up with fellow travelers who spot the ‘Burner Van’ written on the back door of Gizmo and are excited to hear about N&J’s experiences. N&J have kept the writing on the van and have found that a lot of people approach and want to talk about it. After watching the spectacular sunset over ‘Balancing Rock’, N made a delicious pasta dinner with a glass(es) of red wine.

Enjoying the peaceful surroundings so much, N&J decided to spend the night in the park so that they can catch the sunrise over the North and South Window Arches. Just so you know, ‘No Camping Allowed’ anywhere but at the one campground in the park which is reserved months in advance. This is no problem, find a ‘free style’ spot at the entrance to a hike and were undisturbed the whole night. N waking up very excited and ‘way too cheerful’, coaxes J down from the top bunk by making tea.  (Now keep in mind that J is always hot and has even slept outside on a picnic table in order to cool down, so hot water boiling up into to the top bunk gives reason to get up). N says “he has manopause” LOL!  Joyfully hike up to the North Window Arch at 6am to capture the first morning rays.

That day a lot cooler than the previous, turned out to be the perfect day to bike at Bar M which has easy to moderate biking trails with some difficult technical rides within the park. Decided on a moderate 2.8 mile single track. Having a lot of fun managing the rocks and boulders and picking up speed without wiping out, N was able to videotape the ride. Then set out for a leisurely ride. After getting a good sweat on, went down to the river for a swim and a wash and met a pair of fisherman with a dog named “Gizmo” (the same as N’s van). Cleaned up, take a stroll down the Main street in Moab, wandering in and out of little shops. After a couple of hours, they are exhausted and decide to call it a ‘chillax day’. On a side street off the main drag find a quiet dark spot to pop Gizmo’s roof for the night. ‘Free’ is the operative word here!

Tomorrow? off for a day of running the river… stay tuned!


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