Summer 2015

“Itchy Feet” by N&J.

Vancouver, BC (Dec 20/15)  –  For those who keep tabs on N&J through this blog, it is very apparent they didn’t travel too far in 2015. Yes indeed they had a few local camp trips. But nothing like the long journeys from the previous two seasons, travel encompassing multiple US states & a few Canadian provinces…

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They returned to the site of last year’s honeymoon for N&J, on Ross Lake in Washington State. This time enjoying the summer heat for three weeks, it was incredible weather. Luckily avoided any conditions brought by the drought-like weather patterns, forest fires that raged throughout the Pacific Northwest did not affect them until they were leaving for home (the smoke from those fires filled the valleys).

Jesse (N&J’s master, the cat) was introduced to camping (cabana style), in no time he was completely enthralled with searching for the small mice that hid in the grass & around the firewood pile nearby. Needless to say Jesse lost his innocence after capturing a couple of mice (his parents were dead against his activities, but try telling that to a cat). He hunkered down during the hot sunny days, but did most of his wandering (on an extended leash) during the cool mornings & evenings, sometimes even pawing the lake while minnows swam up to tease him. The conditions were nothing short of perfect, mostly clear skies, no rain… just the stars.

N&J did spend considerable time on their expansive patio, N was busy cultivating & planting a very successful vegetable garden. The added greenery made for a very lush ‘city’ oasis, complete with a pond, fountain, & twinkling lights on the trees.

The other adventure they got totally immersed in (literally!!!) …was a purchase of a sailboat. On a whim decided to check out boats. J has sailed all of his life, mainly smaller dinghy type racers, but a large cruiser has always been in mind. N too has some experience sailing and wondered out loud about getting a boat eventually. So decided to check out the market, get a feel for price & availability, see what kind of boat would fit. Didn’t take long before a perfect candidate arose, a 33’ C&C cruiser/racer named HERMES, at a price they could not ignore. Made a crazy offer… YIKES, it was accepted!!!

Anyone who has experience with boats knows all too well of the commitment a boat requires. N&J dove in completely & transformed their new acquisition over the summer & fall (new upholstery, new electric engine …yes it’s a hybrid boat (no noise & smelly diesel). HERMES will be an extension of their travels, on water. They will now have the ability to explore the immense inside coastline that British Columbia offers, some of the best cruising waters on the globe.

HOBBES, the beloved Westfalia is currently being attended to at the auto body shop. Someone decided to relieve them of some personal items & broke the side sliding door glass, damaging the door while they were at it (used a 20 pound fire extinguisher to break in, missed the first time leaving a gouge in the body). Rather annoying, considering what they took is probably unsellable, just caused a whole lot of inconvenience & expense.

With Christmas approaching quickly they are now busy readying for the busy season. Their home is adorned (the boat too) with lights & festive attire. Jesse is checking out the Christmas tree (is that a bird on the upper branch?). Taking time to enjoy the season with friends & family, enjoying the snow on the mountains. But travel is never far from their thoughts, travel that will continue next year on land (HOBBES) & now on water (HERMES).

Wishing all of N&J’s readers a glorious Christmas & Holiday season.


  • sheeniebopper

    So nice to see another one of your journal entries…. I love reading them. Merry Christmas to you both. I do hope that it is filled with many happy memories and some surprises

    I have started my own WordPress journal journey…. Not that it will be filled with as exciting adventures as yours is, but you never know… It is called ….
    If you wanted to check it out?

    I look forward to reading more from your blog 😁 all the best in 2016

    • Westfalia Journal

      Thanks S… As one of our more faithful followers we were excited to see & read your blog (looking good!!!!). As with us, you will certainly find pleasure & renewal sharing your life experiences with others. Merry Christmas, N & J.

  • Dan

    I check in often to see what is new. Glad you got some good time up at the lake. I never got up until the middle of September and by that time it was a different place. The lake was drawn down, the weather was crappy and the river was closed to fishing. Still better than not going 🙂
    Nice boat !! I look forward to new adventure stories & pictures from up & down the coast.
    Have a great Christmas!

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