Summer 2021

“Happily Anniversary-ing !!!” by N&J

Oliver, BC (Jun 23/2021) – Finally!!!… after a ‘hard fought battle’ against Covid-19, the Province of British Columbia relented and reduced some of the restrictions placed on us all for such a long time… but not out of the weeds yet, it is a start and the reprieve from lock-down is most welcomed!

The weather had been consistently wet & rainy for the past couple of weeks, so when the sun finally re-appeared ‘Like a New Day Dawning’…. ‘life’ pulsing again through their veins, the road calling…. N&J loaded up Hobbes and headed for the hills.

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Rogers Creek Rec Site in the Duffy Lake region (two hours or so north of Whistler) was the perfect jumping off point. A lovely camp spot beside the Cayoosh River was secured, the river running very fast, very high, very cold!!! N tried her luck at fishing, but the prizes are still very elusive. Needless to say, no matter how cold the water is (fresh melt), N always finds a good reason to go swimming (Brrrrrrrrrrrr…..)

Using their GARMIN In-Reach Mini* ( satellite communicator in lieu of no cell service, the Hobbes team contacted friends Chris & Olivier (C&O from the earlier 2020 Yukon journey “North!!! …to Alaska???”) and agreed to meet up the next day in TURTLE, their Westfalia Weekender van. This was N&J’s first opportunity to meet their new addition… WESTIE (a rescue from Korea’s ‘dog as food’ industry).

Jesse (the cat) wasn’t sure what to think about this new ‘invader’ to his camp… a lot of glaring was accomplished overall… but more shared camp-time should bring about acceptance. Jesse needing a break from the staring competition was quite excited to go with J for a short hike in his GEN 7 Pet Stroller* ( along the banks of the river into the cool forest…

More delicious delights from N’s camp kitchen…

Two peaceful nights spent along the river and one perfect evening with friends, goodbyes to C&O next morning came early with N&J heading east. A beautiful, relaxing drive along the Fraser River to Lytton, BC (Canada’s perennial hot spot), it did not disappoint, temperatures in the very high 30’s driving along the Fraser Canyon with the freshly melted snow caps fortifying the raging river below. Continuing north up the Trans-Canada Hwy 1, along the Thompson River, stopped for a while to watch river-rafters try their skills in the tall, standing rapids.

Along the road east from Spences Bridge to Merritt (Hwy 8, the Nicola Hwy), Big Horn sheep with wee babies in tow…. abound along the edges not seeming to care for the whizzing traffic beside. A few more supplies acquired at quaint, little ‘honour system’ fruit & veggie stands dotting the route, always good for the freshest produce and eggs.

After passing through Merritt, heading east on Hwy 97C (the Okanagan Connector) then south on Hwy 5A, found a great lakeside campsite at Alleyne Lake in Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial Park about 30 minutes further. Beautiful setting, clear, green-blue water lake, stellar blue skies made for a wonderful evening. One of the most beautiful sunsets that unfortunately was not captured but remains vivid as a beautiful memory.

It was here the following day on June 22nd that N&J celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary (and 8 years sharing their lives together on the road et all !!!!!). The perfect place to be for such a celebration of lives shared. Of course N, the forever culinary genius whipped up a delicious ‘hand-made pizza’ for the special occasion… Check out: “Tied & Knotted” by N & J.

Creating the perfect pizza crust…

Only the freshest toppings will do…

Sizzling hot on the BBQ…

Needless to say, cold beer & fresh hot pizza off the grill was perfect!!!

N was in her glory spending the days on the lake…fishing. Sadly (or fortunately for the elusive fish) none were caught, but any day on the lake beats just about anything else.

The numerous Columbian Ground Squirrels that inhabit the campground kept Jesse occupied…almost coming nose-to-nose on occasion.

After 3 days & nights in bliss, N&J continued the journey southward to Princeton, BC for a fuel stop. Then heading eastward found them in the ‘step back in time’ Hedley General Store (delicious pies!!!) for replenishment of groceries & beverages. The weather was hot, hot, hot. Thankfully the next camp was in Oliver, BC along the waters of Tuc-el-nuit Lake, visiting family (for the first time in a year!!!) and seeing friends from Whistler who had just purchased property on the shores of the lake.

Check out the WJ video below. N&J have added a DJI Mavic Mini Drone* ( to the toolbox to enhance videos of places traveled…Enjoy!!!



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