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“Dog Daze” by N&J w/Emily (guest canine blog poster).

Vancouver, BC (Nov 10/13)  –  No sooner are N&J back in Vancouver, helping people move, providing Gizmo a day at the spa, visiting friends & family, opening mail (a LOT of mail!!!), renting out condos, answering emails, paying bills, laundry, house sitting… dog sitting. Here is what Emily says about N&J:

“The doggie treats abound and the food flying through the air…. my servants sit patiently waiting on the couch yearning for the slightest bit of attention. I throw out small glimpses of hope and I see the glee in their eyes and at just the right moment I perform an abrupt about face putting my ‘royal rump’ towards them. Their plea for attention is annoying. When nature calls their loyal servitude puts them on their hands and knees. I love to see them beg. Their ignorance abounds as I must put on my outdoor attire without assistance. Their encouragement during elimination of bodily wastes is not amusing. They don’t know when to stop… they should be put in their place. “Off with their heads”. They have some nerve eating toast in front of me and I peer at them in disgust… the guilt overtakes them and they share a bite but I give them no recognition. I take them off guard by loudly proclaiming their duty to engage in play. Their hands and feet suffice for the mere pleasure of my needs. Little do they realize that the life of a ‘wee princess’ is that of extreme expectation of unconditional servitude.”

A humbling experience indeed. No longer the ‘masters of their domain’, our every move is dictated by Emily… she is adorable and N&J love her. WOOF!!!


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