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“MIA – Missing in Action” by N&J.

Whistler, BC (Aug 23/2019) – I imagine some have wondered where N&J have been hanging, no postings on Westfalia Journal (WJ) for such a long time…  The reason for the ‘radio silence’ is due to the ongoing legal issues of the tragic accident involving N&J, and the loss of Emily (N’s mom’s dog) & Gizmo (N’s beloved Westfalia) back in November of 2013. Yes it has been that long. On the advice of the lawyers representing us, they suggested it would be better for us to ‘shut down’ the WJ blog until the situation was settled. WJ still exist, but it was hidden behind a password to prevent ‘unwanted’ parties (ie. the UPS legal team) from accessing and conjuring up all sorts of ‘mumble jumble’. But that has now passed, the legalities have been settled… and WE’RE BACK!!!!

Lots has happened for N&J and JESSE (the wonder cat), so read on… you may have to backtrack to some of the postings to catchup 🙂

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