Roadtrip 2014

“Highway to the Danger Zone” by N&J.

Eureka, Montana (Oct 16/14)  –  It soon was very apparent to these travelers that something was definitely askew by the amount of white crosses along the highway. Montana has taken upon itself to install markers anywhere a highway motor vehicle death has occurred.

WOW!!! The carnage is unbelievable. Astonished by the sheer numbers of crosses in such a short distance, N&J started counting and clocking the distance.  Over a 100 mile stretch and losing count after 100 it was obvious that a ‘person per mile’ has died along the bi-ways. Most of the crosses would be near corners & areas with double solid lines, obviously drivers are passing where they should not be. It was horrifying to come upon 6-8 crosses… a multiple death zone. Most crosses large, some small (most likely children), all white, signifying the same end…

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What is being done to reduce this? The State of Montana (and most states) are ‘raising’ the speed limits to 75 MPH (120 km/h). Understandable on a multi-lane interstate freeway, but on a 2 lane road? Maybe not a concern for a seasoned, experienced driver in a modern car, but what about the young new ‘marginal’ driver in a ‘marginal’ vehicle? Usually conditions are set to balance the range of users, to err on the ‘safe’ side, not the highest denominator… nor necessarily the lowest.

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