“Christmas at Home” by N&J.

Vancouver, BC (Dec 20/14)  –  Almost 2 months since N&J returned from their roadtrip… Life at home is hectic compared to living on the road in Hobbes. Certainly enjoying the facilities though… especially the shower when you want it. But life in a Westfalia camper van is very blissful, little to worry about (where is the next free WiFi ?), everything you have & need is contained within the van… and life on the road is filled with the most amazing people you meet along the way.

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Re-adjusting to life at home has been fun too. The new family member Jesse (you remember him, from Albuquerque) is fitting in very well, assuming his role as ‘King of the Castle’. He loves the open space to run & play… non-stop. The floors cluttered with ‘cat toys’, he is extremely pleased with his new abode. Even the Christmas tree has become a favorite haunt for Jesse to sleep under, so far no problem with him venturing up the tree (but it is early days and the tree is secured to the wall… just in case!). It sure beats the tiny glass cage he lived in for 4 months in New Mexico. Jesse’s mom N is a great cook who loves to experiment in the kitchen. Jesse has since become a ‘food hound’, whenever the kitchen is busy, he is first up on the bar stool checking what is cooking… J has to fight for a spot, or risk missing out on a tasting.

Hobbes is enjoying ‘his’ vacation lounging in the underground parking, not too cold, not too hot, nice and dry… well deserved after the 14,000 kms traveled. The water leak problem on the trip turned out to be a water pump failing, since replaced. A Garmin ‘Dash Cam’ has been installed to witness any crazy antics while driving or parked, this would permit a video record in the event of an accident or some other onerous implication. Plans are being made to implement some new stuff to Hobbes (Propex Heater, new aux AGM battery, more LED lighting). This can accomplished in the nice, dry parkade during the wet winter months in Vancouver, no worries about the weather conditions.

Living in downtown Vancouver has its merits, one being you never really have to drive anywhere, it is all within walking distance. Shops, restaurants, parks & seaside all dot the urban landscape nearby, a 5 minute stroll down Granville Street and N&J are in the heart of the city. Hobbes loves it too… he is getting a nice rest after the long drive traveling western North America.

When not on the road, the blog postings tend to slow down. But nevertheless our travel will start in the new year, a ski trip (once the heater is installed), some drives locally to camp outs, and planning for the next travel season… as much love there is for the city, there is yearning for travel in the Westfalia camper.

Merry Christmas to all of our readers… we’ll see you in 2015!


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