Roadtrip 2013

“Camp Life” by N&J

BRC, Nevada (aug 26/13)  –  ‘Leave No Trace’ a term we often hear back home; but here it is for real, everyone lives it. Nothing… will be left behind. Whether it be waste water, garbage, recycling, or a ‘dry leaf’ that hitchhiked in the propane tanks, everything must be removed when leaving. It’s called MOOP (matter out of place). Wherever you go in Burning Man (BM) you will find no litter… none. And yet there are no trash bins anywhere to be found… you take back to your camp refuse bag what you bring along.

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In the short period of time setting up the camp, electrical & water systems were installed to provide some basic necessities. There is an ingenious waste water evaporation system that takes the shower, sink & kitchen grey water through a system that filters the water, then trickles it over hanging burlap sheets that accelerate the evaporation process (about 400 gallons per day). Whatever is left over will be transported out (not much, the arid conditions of the desert sucks up any moisture immediately).

The fresh water system is supplied by a 1100 gallon tank (that is refilled on a regular basis). This supplies all the drinking, shower & kitchen needs. The outdoor ‘Barbie shower’ is setup on a platform (visible from the dining area), with tarps draped strategically at slightly above waist level. Needless to say ‘some’ females (including Aura) face away from camp. There is a bucket that you fill (your limited to one); pull on the ‘Barbie Doll’ and a 12 second timer is engaged allowing water to flow. Yet you can still have a pretty good shower, without the massive amounts of water we use at home.

The washrooms are pretty fabulous… NOT!!!! Porta-Potties are lined up on certain streets throughout the huge BM complex (almost 20 square miles). Raised blue lit beacon visible from quite a distance to assist finding them in the dark. Serviced daily, at least 3 times (considering the conditions, they are maintained rather well). Hand sanitizer stations nearby. Walk or ride about 2 city blocks to the nearest facility.

Our camp, ‘Reverbia’ is the All-Live Music venue at BM. Situated right on the Esplanade that borders the playa (the area that the hundreds of incredible art pieces & vehicles are located). A major stage has been constructed, with massive sound & lighting gear. This is where musicians from far & wide (some from Europe) will come to perform in the afternoon till late into the next morning.

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