“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by N&J

Whistler, BC (Feb 21/24) – Early yesterday, Tuesday morning, after a courageous but short battle with cancer… N&J lost their beautiful friend Vicki Romanin. Those who follow this blog will remember Vicki & her husband Michael on our week-long visit to Tofino a couple years ago, where we shared an ocean-front beach house (see post Toe-Fee-No).

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An absolute ‘ball of energy’, Vic would think nothing of going for a 2-3 hour run through the Whistler mountain forest AFTER skiing the day!!! She was an avid extreme mountain runner, competing in events as far away as the Tor des Géants (meaning Tour of the Giants) in Italy, a 6 week hike along the The Great Divide Trail (completed last summer of 2023) or the Whistler Ultra Trail event (100kms up & down the mountains)… or her daily workout which most people would consider ‘once in a lifetime’.

Vicki was passionate about animals, including her beloved chinchillas, many cats including Rosie, Ziggy the dog, and Lavida …their horse. She was a life-time monthly contributor to the BC SPCA, and could always be found to have taken in stray cats & dogs at the house & was a dedicated vegan …not so much about the food but about the welfare of all animals.

V loved to ski & hike and whatever the great outdoors had to offer …and for over the 25 years of living in Whistler, her husband Michael & family would spend countless hours enjoying the mountains.

With open hearts and arms Vicki and Michael welcomed N&J to Whistler upon their arrival 8 years ago, sharing everything that a mountain life has to offer. N&J were fortunate to accompany Vicki & Michael on many hikes, ski outings, foraging for mushrooms, concerts, dinners & family events. Vicki was a wonderful host, and an amazing chef ready to whip up delicacies in a flash. Vicki had a gentle presence, an all encompassing smile, and a straightforward approach with honesty and integrity laser focused on showing love and compassion to everyone. N&J felt honoured and blessed to have been welcomed into this beautiful family and to share in so many adventures.

The lyrics of the song (same as the post title) would describe Vicki to a ‘TEE’…

Ain’t no mountain high enough
Ain’t no valley low enough
Ain’t no river wide enough
To keep me from getting to you, babe

The ‘you‘ would be her family, friends and any mountain peak that stands before her.

Vicki left behind her beloved husband of 30 years Michael, daughter Daria, son Liam & many family members & friends… she was 63 years old.

RIP Vicki …you will be sorely missed, but NEVER forgotten 🙁


  • Doug Treleaven

    It’s never easy, losing a friend, however the circumstances. She lived very proudly everyday. Truly inspirational blog for us to always remember her determination.

  • michael rivera

    Natalie and Jim, you made me cry looking at all our fun adventures with Beautiful Vicki…….
    Try to keep up with her was a challenge…..
    I wasn’t ready to say goodbye…..

  • Jennifer Mathison

    So sorry, N&J. Hearing about Vicki’s journey and seeing these photos helps me understand a bit more about what she meant to you both. Much love, Jen

  • Lindy Batchelor

    I am so sorry Nat and Jim to hear of the loss of your beautiful friend Vicki. What an amazing friendship you had, and memories to cherish. The photos are beautiful, her smile is contagious. My deepest condolences to Michael for the loss of his soul mate, and to their children too. Rest in Peace and Love.

  • Cindy Faulkner

    So sorry for the loss of your friend, and my condolences to Vicki’s family. What a beautifully written tribute to your friend. She has the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen! Her zest for life and the outdoors that you have shared here is inspiring and reminds me to live for today, do it now, as tomorrow isn’t promised…..

  • Paige Larson

    Such a great loss. My heart goes out to Michael, Daria, Liam, the rest of her family and friends. I know how she cherished those around her – she will leave a hole that cannot be filled.

  • Allegra Rivera

    Vicki was my stepmom but she was more than just that…she was my teacher and I was lucky enough to gain from her amazing wisdom. I will never forget her and she will always be missed. 💜

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