Roadtrip 2014

“A New King in Town” by N&J.

Albuquerque, New Mexico (Oct 07/14)  –  Traveling the open highways & byways with our Support Crew (see above tab) and their individual idiosyncrasies, the excitement on the road is never without adventure & laughs. Some would question N&J’s sanity looking over ‘the stable of characters’ who adorn Hobbes (even N&J question their sanity 🙂 ).

Arriving in new towns, from state to state, eager to have some ‘kitty love’, N insisted on visiting EVERY animal shelter & pet store along the way. In her quest for ‘kitty love’, N even went so far as to program the locations into the GPS without J’s knowing of where they were going (Thinking they were heading to a gas station, town centre, etc). Getting the shelter workers excited that one of their cats may have found a new home… N&J would be allowed in to the enclosed room to pet the cats.  After much love passed around and promising to return they would be on their way again. Although N was compulsive in her quest to take some ‘kitty love’ home; J was adamant that the timing was not ideal.

Eventually J could no longer hold fast… a ‘purrfect’ candidate was discovered in Albuquerque, NM.

Introducing the newest member of Team N&J…  JESSE !!!  He is a 7 month old male black & tan tabby. A most interesting feline. He immediately took to the road with us. No crying or meowing, nothing, just happy to be free from the cage that was his home for 4 months back at the shelter. Snuggling into laps while the road passes by, his ‘motor’ purring away madly. Loves to patrol the interior of Hobbes continually taking in all that he can. Completely settled and at ease, he has adopted N&J as his.

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Where did the name JESSE come from? Albuquerque is the setting for the TV series “Breaking Bad”. Thinking ‘Heisenberg’ might too daunting for a cat name, we settled on ‘Jesse’.

Jesse’s new home in Vancouver awaits…. About Jesse


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