“Honey! …would you look at that Moon!” by N&J.

Ross Lake, Wa (Jun 24-Jul 07/14)  –  Honeymoon to be remembered… Nope, not what you think. Considering N&J invited half of the entire free world to join up at N’s secret place to go camping after their nuptials. And no one let them down, they came in droves. No complaining from N&J though, all had a blast. The weather was hot & sunny, the lake was refreshing, the nightly campfires, the BBQ’s… what is there to complain about.

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Most special was that N’s young nieces Haley & Addison stayed with us for almost the entire 2 weeks. They loved sleeping in the upper bunk of ‘Hobbes’, their first time doing so. Hot chocolate every morning, swimming all day, s’mores before bed every night… what’s not to love. Some would question the decision to have the girls on our ‘honeymoon’, but they would do it again in a heartbeat. They are precious.

Of course no campout is complete without some sort of game-playing. Not to disappoint, all played (except the kids) a rousing game of “Cards Against Humanity”. Not exactly the most ‘politically correct’ game. Adding in some beverages of choice made for an interesting discourse. But it was a rib-tickler no matter. I’m sure the camp was wondering what all the obnoxious laughter was about. And then there was the symphony of frogs surrounding all… Ribbit !!!

As fate would have it, the only night we had alone, was the last night there. But considering the zany previous 2 weeks, N&J really took advantage of the situation… and slept.


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