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“Full Circle” by N&J

Wheatley, ON (Oct 02/19) – Back in the the summer of 2017, August it was… commenced on a road trip with N’s dad Rocky. Hobbes was loaded specifically for an extra participant, sleeping arrangements were adjusted & off the four of them went with the plan to explore the Kootenays of British Columbia.

In this case Rocky (who was in his 80’s) slept in the main berth on the ‘main floor’ of Hobbes; N&J slept in the upper bunk & Jesse slept anyplace he darn well felt like… roaming the van, keeping a watchful eye on all of the occupants. Rocky very cozy and so excited to be part of the team, venturing wherever the road took them, often saying “this is cool”.

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The trip started in Creston BC where Rocky resided, in a trailer park…

Just prior to departure, disaster almost stopped the journey in its tracks… Jesse had escaped Hobbes through a rear door screen partition during the night while N&J slept (the partition in question was not completely secure & Jesse found a sliver of freedom!). Needless to say when N&J awoke to find their prized feline missing, panic erupted. He probably was gone for 4-6 hours, and NOT wearing his harness w/id attached (Jesse was never allowed outside without it). A feverous search began throughout the forested area behind Hobbes, calling his name, clanging his food bowl… the whole trailer park in on the search, even Grandpa Rock searching every nook and cranny… nothing after 2 hours of circling the area, it was looking grim.

Then as the horror of losing Jesse was beginning to set in… J while walking over to the washroom building notices movement behind Rocky’s trailer, sees a tail & calls out Jesse’s name!!! Suddenly Jesse pops out from the bush with a guilty look and a little meow… J calls for N to come quick, Jesse sees his mom & runs to her!!! It appears he had gone to ‘Grandpa’s Trailer’ where he had been earlier the previous day… huge collective sigh by all 🐱

The next day, N&J, Jesse and Grandpa Rock set out on the trip as planned… over 4 days and 3 nights. This journey took them north to the Kootenay Ferry to cross over to Balfour on the west side of the lake, then up to Ainsworth Hot Springs where they enjoyed a soak in the thermal pools and venture into the cave. Continuing on to Kaslo to tour the historic SS Moyie steam paddlewheeler. Westward to Sandon, the historic silver mining town and toured the oldest operating hydro power dam in North America; the journey then took them to the Slocan Valley, Nakusp, then overnight in Nelson, The next morning after a visit to the town bakery, over the Salmo-Creston Pass east to Moyie Provincial Park to camp; next day was spent ‘back in time’ at the Fort Steele Historic Park, near Cranbrook BC, overnight at the Fort Steele campground… and finally back to Creston.

Rocky sitting in the back seat of Hobbes most of the journey, sometimes with a beer in hand, Jesse doing his fly-by’s getting some love and attention, tunes belting over the radio, banter and stories flying back and forth from front to back, a momentous… amazing time indeed!


Shortly after the 2017 road trip, Rocky was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer; after some treatment to slow the disease (with some help from CBD oil)… Rocky succumbed to cancer in March of 2018. Before his passing, in his final moments… he said that it “would be cool” that he accompany the ‘Brock Family’ on another road trip… a road trip across Canada.

Rocky was on this trip with NJ&J all the way to Newfoundland and halfway back. Part of the team again, travelling this vast country, seeing where the road would take them… N&J remembering and reminiscing colloquiums and sayings only Rocky could come up with…. The most epic journey, a fulfillment of a last dream, a bonding and sharing of spirit, time together that could only be described as “this is cool”…

It was in Wheatley Ontario, close to where Rocky was raised that he was laid to rest, along side his father…

May he rest in Peace.


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