Roadtrip 2013

“Beer Cough” by N&J

Eugene, OR (aug 23/13)  –  Muscles aching and dry coughs due to ‘lack of beer’, N&J are ready to hit the road. It has been a very long day for both. Trucks have been loaded up with 5+ tons of live music gear, food and an entire kitchen rig. Went out on our last minute shopping (more like last 5 hours of shopping)… more tarps, lemons, water, gas, propane, liquor, etc… and a new GoPro Hero HD Cam for N (perfect for capturing the sights & sounds at BM!!!). Whatever needs we have, need to get it now; there are no ‘corner stores’ on the playa at Burning Man (BM).

Burning Man may or may not have reliable internet access. There is no cellular service. So WJ blog postings may be delayed for a number of days (possibly up to 10 days). So don’t despair (still are actively blogging), keep checking back daily… it may take some time for the post to arrive.

Fourteen hours ahead, driving through the night… plan on arriving early Saturday morning, and the next leg of this adventure begins!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


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